New users say "hi" :)


Согласен все как то тихо происходит


Hello everyone. This is also my first post. Looking forward to the future❤️


New forum user from Greece says hi :wink:


привет как вам здесь?


Подскажите сколько стоит один токен ASK?


Мы на тестнете. Пожалуйста, прочтите FAQ.


Hi, please how can i get the white paper?


hello everyone. i am rahul from india. i am happy to join this forum.



Hi all,

I’m Lee and Korean and just wanted to say hi.


Hello all,i am like permission


Hello all, i am inside your project since the beginning with android app, happy to be here.
Have a nice sunday all :slight_smile:


Hi all from Dresden, Germany :slight_smile: can’t wait for permission to go live - what to do with ALX Token? :sweat_smile:


Hi all. Nice to meet You.


Hello friends from the Czech Republic. I’m very much for this project. Prefer to all the great relaxation.


My name is Dong, from Vietnam. First of all send me greetings all members here. I like your project very clearly. I also regularly monitor the project, earning more ASK through the video, introducing new friends. I wish the project a great success.


Hi new here in


“hi” :slight_smile: glad to be here any information you can give to make this a better experience will be greatly appreciated


Hi. I have joined for a week now. I love how easy it is to watch and earn tokens. I like the videos specially I love to watch movies trailers and quality products ads. Wish you good luck :slight_smile:


Hi Dong, Welcome to our forum. You are at the right place and keep up the good work. We’ll definitely reap the fruits of our labor soon. Cheers!