New users say "hi" :)


Hi everyone, I’m Anyi from the sunshine city of Orlu, Nigeria. Thumbs up for the management of for establishing a forum for the members. Great job! See you at the boards.


Why move off Telegram?


good morning from philippines


Hello, bright futures ahead


Hi, hello, I am from Germany:blush:


it’s nice to be in a new house, lol …


Telegram is a great application to blast out news, but not great for support or storing information for everyone to access.
Since we have a live product, we really needed a place for our community to find the latest news and help without the team having to monitor a Telegram channel just to repeat the same information over and over and we wanted a place to store your comments, suggestions, and feedback.



"Hi ~ I am a user who keeps watching permission and uses it ~
Everyone is nice ~ ^^ "


Hey guys! Glad to be here. :wink:


Друзья всем привет я рад что я с вами


Привет с Севера России


Hi I am Chris Onova: slightly_smiling_face:


Hi all from Slovenia. Glad to be a part of Permission community.


Hi, where to from here…


#firstpost Hi every one :kissing_heart:


hi everyone. love from turkey


Привет ,я Натали ,Украина - Львов:grinning::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkler::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::yellow_heart::blue_heart::Зеленое сердце:four_leaf_clover::кленовый лист:кленовый лист:кленовый лист:кленовый лист:кленовый лист:кленовый лист:кленовый лист:трава:трава:трава:трава:солнечно:солнечно:солнечно:солнечно:солнечно:солнечно:first_quarter_moon_with_face::first_quarter_moon_with_face::first_quarter_moon_with_face::first_quarter_moon_with_face::first_quarter_moon_with_face:


Приветствую здесь всех


To make the company more greater for us all


xin chao
cam on cô
chia sẽ ask tu hao