New users say "hi" :)


Hi all,

I’m Sophie and just wanted to say hi and welcome to all the lovely new users!


Hello I’m Mike and I’m just glad to be here, can’t wait to see where ASK goes


Hi thanks for join me


ASK your here. Now new chat…


Hi everyone,
Just wanted to congratulate the project team on the new forum - I think it’s a great idea. Looking forward to contributing whenever I can!!!


Hai saya agus dari indonesia…
Brapa harga ask sekarang


Hi I’m sejoity … thanks you are you


hai and thank you ,this is gowtham:heart:


Hey guys!! Unlike my profile pic, I don’t sleep all that much and I’m waaayyy more spacey (maybe twice a week) :+1::crazy_face:


Hi i am JH…glad to be part of this


hello, I am from vietnam


hello permission team and all other good users …i am nitesh baniya and permission is everywhere infact i am from nepal and using it. thank you


Hello everybody, nice to see a permission forum great idea, Ive been following from the start, I’m more than welcome to help, I’ve got a twitter airdrop site with nearly 1000 followers (cryptoairdropalert) I’ve have been sharing trying to help the cause, permission to the moon🤗


Hi all!. I’m glad to be here this is such a great project


Hi, I m a new user to this platform. Permission to high moon


Hi Glad to be here… Greetings from France!


안녕하세요 ~ permission을 계속 지켜보고 이용하고 있는 유저 입니다~
모두 반가워요~ ^^


Hi All, Welcome to Permission!!!
Let´s help each other on this forum!!!


Hi everyone, glad to be here and a part of this awesome project.


Hi Guys i’m Giovanni from italy sicily, good job guys this project is very nice :slight_smile: