My referral ask did not receive


ı found 2 referrals but ask didnot given to me


Your referrals must verify and activate 2FA Authy


can you send me your referral code? The one you give to people to sign up, from your Refer & Earn screen?


ok thank you I solved the problem

Michelle Ray, 26 Ara 2018 Çar, 20:02 tarihinde şunu yazdı:


Help me check mine. Here is my referral code: BABQ3T


Please can you check mine too?
Code: PYW73R


Im showing 3 verified referrals


5 verified referrals


my referer need to activate 2FA Authy to get referer bonus?


Yep! Once they enable F2A, you’ll see an update to your referral status.


thanks я не увидела,что сделат?


Просто напомните своим рефералам, что они должны настроить 2FA.


i do not receive ask too my refer code is R8C6XW


Your referrals must set up 2FA.