More Ways to Get Referrals!


Have you checked out the Refer and Earn screen lately?
You can now save your personal referral QR code to your phone and share it anywhere, anytime, with anyone.
You can also download and print a flyer with your QR code and post it around town! Put one up at your school, your favorite coffee shop, or your local park!

Want to earn a little extra Permission token? Email me a picture of you putting up your referral flier and I just might add a little something extra to your earned balance!


That’s a brilliant idea and good way to get referral


How much extra will we get


Find the Referal Flyer thread under the News & Announcements.


I will print my QR code on my toilet company - just for fun :joy:


Hôm trước mình có xem một hướng dẫn đăng kí bằng hình ảnh chi tiết. Nhưng giờ không tìm lại được ở đâu. Giúp mình với.



This is a direct link to advertising
Good luck to us !