Many vedios did not play


There are many vedios in the permissions app that do not play. If someone has any idea about it, then tell it


Mostly those autoplay videos are slow and at times stoped playing in the process, the management need to do something.


All of the videos always play. I am notified if something isn’t working. The videos by Cheddar are higher quality and take more time to stream. We are working on a solution for those, but we cannot do anything about mobile data speeds.


I think if a video did not play, might be the quality of the video and the strength of your internet connect.

Also note that videos with longer time (Example 2minutes and above) consumes more data and need strong network.

Most times if i want to watch the videos with longer time i use wifi connection (and not mobile hotspot or mobile data).


I only use PC so no issues here in New Zealand . :sunglasses:


Got one here today that wont play The worlds best 31sec 20 ASK comes up video not available
Good token amount too lol Have a great day all.


It appears that The World’s Best is restricted by country. It plays ok for me here.