Mainet process and details


Please share the process to expect once it goes to Mainet soon. We have ASK tokens accumilated in app by watching and over the past no. Of months by doing various tasks. How does that get transfer to our wallets and do they get transfered to ASK wallet. Wallet in app still says test wallet when will that change?
Thank you

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We will announce as soon as we are 100% ready with a date.
You won’t have to do anything… when we move to mainnet and confirm accounts, your Earned Balance will be transferred to your wallet for you.


Thank you Michelle. Happy Holidays

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And to you and yours!


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Good Afternoon! Hope you had a great Christmas Holiday:)

Are we to assume that the mainet will not be launched by the end of the year (Dec 31st) as stated many times by the admin?

Also, maybe it would be more helpful for to post actual status updates of progress being made to launch on the mainet as well as any issues that may push back milestones set for the project.

Any updates provided would really go along way in being truly transparent in meeting the mission statement of

Just a thought:)

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We will be announcing a date soon. Trust me, we are in the final stages of preparing to launch, and the rest of our activity here is around securing your tokens and making sure that we are not sending tokens out to fake accounts.
You will see changes happening in the app ( such as enforcing 2FA ).

Hang tight, we are almost there!


Thank you for your reply! It is a little more generic of an answer than I was hoping for but I guess that is the most you are willing to provide.

I am hanging tight!

“By the end of the year, Trust me”.


Our live date depends on several things:

  1. making sure both the blockchain and the application are secure. Both have been audited at this time.
  2. making sure we do not pay out to fake accounts
  3. making sure the 2FA process is solid and well documented to make it easy for users to secure their data and their token

I will not give a date until we are 100% satisfied that we have addressed each of those things and are prepared to support our members fully and to guarantee the security of their personal data and token.

Our initial plan to go live at the end of this year has been pushed a short time due to the delay in getting audits done and because we are making 2FA easier since it is mandatory.

Permissions Mainnet launch
Exchange the tokens
When to open ASK to withdraw money?

Thank you very much for your detailed reply. It is much appreciated!

Have a good night

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Mray, but there’s a lot of my referral did not setup the 2FA

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They will need to do so in order to get their referral bonus or get their beta earnings, and for you to get your bonus. Remind them , post to social media and send them here for assistance!


I have gone through these posts and they are very educating.
I have taken this business to my fellow country men who are based in the villages without Android but tiny phones in the hope that they could benefit from this crypto opportunity. Now, how do they effect the 2FA? They have their National Voters Cards as their ID cards, nothing more. How exactly can they make progress with this requirement and benefit. They are so enthusiastic about ASK.

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2FA is required to protect data and the wallets.
I know that some do not have access to newer smartphones and that makes 2FA difficult, but there is not an other option for validation and security.
You can do 2FA on a laptop, but I know that isn’t always helpful.


Is that mean my referral should make 2fa
If they didn’t do that
I won’t get Any referral bonus. That’s not fair
Because I can’t arrive to them and tell them

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You can inform them in the same way that you told them to join: post on social media.
You are getting paid for referrals to our application, not just people who fill out an email address and password.
We are going the community, not doing an airdrop.


Now I can’t get their mail or any thing that I can contact them
Plus tell me anything to reach them to make 2fa
Because I share my referral link and I don’t who signed up from me. That is not fear :scream:
To lose all my coins which I work hard to get it


You aren’t losing anything. This is a referral program, and referrals are people who login and use the application. Anyone who logs in will have to complete 2FA to earn. When they do that, your referral bonus will appear.