Lost 2FA code,how do i do?


I lost the 2FA code, what should I do to get access again?Can 2FA be disabled?


You can try installing another 2FA app ( use Authy if you used Google before) but you will need 2FA when the wallet goes live, so disabling is not an option.

Right now, because we are on testnet, you can still earn without 2FA, but you will not be able to make changes to your profile and you will not be able to use the wallet once we move to mainnet.

You MUST write down your 2FA recovery passcode!


i lost both of that…Authy and GA…because i activated both before…how to access please help


There is nothing I can do if you have lost both.
You will have to set up a completely new account and send me some information to move tokens over to the new account and we will delete the old one.

YOU MUST write down you 2FA code. We CANNOT help you with another application’s passcode.


how to start it, i will send anything infromation needed


I am checking into this with my developers to make sure we absolutely HAVE to have a new account. They may have another way, but I will get back to you as soon as I know.

It is late here, so it could be tomorrow.

You can STILL earn on the account, even without 2FA access


ok, thanks for help, its so sad because i work hard for that, i losted my smartphone 2 weeks ago…i’ll wait for that good news…thanks again


You won’t lose a single token! Promise :slight_smile:


really glad to heard that…man thanks…i;ve done send form ambasador program too, hope get more 100 permission token…hehe, thanks


Hi. Xoá và mất mã 2FA rồi



Same for me. I changed my previous phone and my authentication app had to be reinstalled. Please help me on this also.


Everyone who did not write down their 2FA code or lost their phone will probably have to wait a few days while we figure out how best to handle these accounts.
During setup, everyone was prompted TWICE to write down the code because it cannot be reset.
It is a holiday week here and so there is no solution available right now.