Lose Authy and Google authenticator Links


What If I Lose Authy And Google Authenticator Links :neutral_face:


There will surely be a support technical team to contact in other to reset your 2fa settings.


We cannot help you recover your 2FA passkey! That is why we remind you several times to write it down!

If you set up Google and lose access, you can set up Authy… and WRITE DOWN THE 2FA PASSKEY!


And What If I Set Up Google At Very First Time To Learn And Lose It and Then Try With Authy And Also Didn’t Save Mistakenly Both Keys :disappointed_relieved::slightly_frowning_face:


There is nothing we can do to recover 2FA keys.

It MAY be possible for me to verify your identity and add your existing earned balance to a brand new account. However, no 2FA, no access to your existing account funds if you have already set up 2FA and lost keys.


Yup I Only Have Authy In Google Authenticator and I Have Lost Key So Please Can You Add My Fund Into New Account Please


Also I Am Not A Person Who Wants To Sell That Fund in Future For Money If I Wanted so I Could Have Wait For Mainnet then I Can Send to another place but I want to work with permission so please inform me if you can add my funds into new account so I will quickly made a new account


Please send the following information to me in a private message:

Your current Permission.io login email address
A screenshot of your Refer & Earn Page and of your current Earned Balance
The email address for the new account
A screenshot of your NEW Refer & Earned Page and the Earned Balance


To add to the solutions so far.

This depends on the technical team.

You can actually regain access to your account if you loose means of 2FA, but only a technical team can resolve this issue, and you will need to provide proof of ownership of the account.

I think when you face such Challenge, what will will be required to reset and turn off your 2FA will be asked by the technical team.

Untill then, since you can login to the account, kindly use the second option of 2FA to secure your account.


It is not possible for us to handle 2FA lost password requests on a case by case basis. That is why, during the 2FA setup process, we remind everyone several times to copy or write down their passkey!


your 2fa has a bug ?
i can’t login & backup key didn’t work
what happen ?


2FA is working fine. You may need to clear your browser cache if you had 2FA enabled before.
If you had both Authy and Google Authenticator set up, you will have to choose only one to use.


What if you delete the Google Authenticator and then go ahead to setup a new one? Can this work. Or off option to reset the 2FA as we now understand what does 2FA entail and how it works.


You can do that IF you wrote down the secret key the first time you set it up.


Some of us are new to crypto as well as 2FA …as now we have lost the key what can we do ?


You can wait for us to add a solution to allow resetting 2FA. It is not ready yet.
You can also read the many threads here that explain why you must use 2FA and get familiar with it.