Listing on exchange


After hearing the news, will move to mainnet. I started to get excited again to watch videos and the balance that I got all of them entered my wallet.
Then when will the coin ask enter the exchange and what is the value for 1 ask coin



100billion total supply of ASK token, on my own opinion the of ask token the value will be 0.0020 to 0.0027USD when they are on exchange.


No way the ads are high paying so 1ASK approximately minimum equals to 0.233$ and max can be 2$


Block chain can give 25$ airdrop of steller then doing well i hope can go in trending we are hoping good from thanks


1billion of ASK and 300billion dollars of expending on this project its a huge industry


The value of ASK 0.233usd is an ALL SPARK not related of ASK in watchpermission they are not the same.


10 billion ask and 100-300 billion dollars of ads industry

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