Listing of ASK token

Admin I think it’s time to list ASK token on different exchanges so that it can have liquidity since you already have different partners because once it gain liquidity, we can easily shop with it on your partners website and the token can easily be recognize and acceptable globally

We appreciate your input, but we have no information about exchanges.

Hi mray,do you have any partner that we can easily shop with in Kenya, East Africa ? please help me out thanks…

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We are adding new partners every day! I don’t have any currently in Kenya, but please check back.
I will try to make announcements when we add new partners, as well


it is possible in pakistan?

Hi Vic76,i am already seeing the presence of Amazon,that is a big achievement made in terms of permission online shopping,you can give it a try

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this project not list in exchange …they never have plan listing on a exchange