Let us talk about how we all going to make money in simple way


yeah no hard working just watch videos and refer your friend and earn some token simple way!!!

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By the way, when will be the launch exactly so that we can sell our tokens?

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If you only care about selling your token, just hang tight until you get an email announcing our launch.

There are SEVERAL other threads that address this very same question. Please check the forum before asking.


the referrel program will be for how long ? and my another question is will you plan to launch app for phones like iphone and others ?


These questions have all been answered!

We do not plan to end the referral program anytime soon.

We will NOT have a mobile app. You can pin the icon to your phone homepage and it will work like any other app.


Still we have 6 day left


There has no been no announcement about the launch date yet. The referral program is not ending.


Thank for my misunderstanding


Okay, thanks for your kind support. by the way, how can we make money?


Watch videos. Refer friends. That is it!
When we move to mainnet, all of your Earned Balance will be moved to you wallet .


yeah all is about watch video and refer friend i think you get me


i wish a merry christmas to all of you

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Thank you very much, Great!