Launch of ASK token in market

When the launch is going to be held it’s been a long time since using please tell about the listing of exchange


We will let you all know when we decide the right date :slight_smile:
I have no information about exchanges.


I tried to withdrawn ask to my etherum wallet didn’t see it since all this day

The wallets on were not live ( which is why they say TEST NET in red).
Please read the FAQs about our token. We are not an ERC-20 token.


Times up dear admin what to do next please tell us thanks.

And timer reaches 0 - yey!

Hoping for some good news now we’re on main net!!

Exciting times.


Dear admin how we can withdraw token thanks

I could not see my earned ask token

Hello dear admin i could not see my earned ask token ans whicg address whme have to put for withdraw

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Glad to launch. But where are my earned coins? I have 0 ! After viewing nothing is added. Please explain.

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Hello mam please tell me about my balance i could not see my earned ask balance thanks.

Hi Everyone!

As you can see, you can now log into Permission again!.
When you do, the first thing you see is a green popup that tells you that your balances will appear in your wallets within 72 hours.

We are processing a LOT of transactions on our new blockchain to get your earned ASK in your wallet. Please be patient and enjoy watching your new ASK earnings appear in your live wallet while we get your beta earnings added as quickly as we can!


Thanks. This is an exhaustive answer.

Hey hey,

I logged in and see that i don’t have a 0 ASK balance but have 75 ASK - is this correct? Will the rest of the earned tokens appear in the wallet within 72hrs?

Just strange a balance of 75!

Yes, your previous earnings will be in your wallet in the next 72 hours. If you watched videos today, or any of your referrals did, that is likely what the Pending balance is. It will also move to the wallet as soon as our blockchain catches up.

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First time i logged on and i had a 75 ASK balance - must be the referrals - awesome!!

How to withdraw balance dear admin

Please stop asking the same question over and over.
Check out our FAQs for information about our token. As soon as I have some information about how you can move ASK out of your Permission wallet, I will post it, I promise!


I can understand that. Thank you for your concern.


your token is automatically going to wallet