Join the Ambassador Program!


Mray, you should notify the community when the weekly ambassador bounty form is out for an unbiased communication. A lot of ambassador do know when actually the form is out until you sent the summary via mail.

We should be fair


The Ambassador thread on the forum exists for that purpose. You should be getting email notifications with forum updates if you have commented or subscribed to the Ambassador thread.
Forum users are notified first on purpose… our community support happens here.
Ambassador activities are also mentioned on Twitter, in our email newsletters, AND inside the app.


Nothing new this week :slight_smile:


Tức là vẫn đang tiếp tục thử nghiệm :joy::joy::joy:
Mong ước nhỏ nhoi 250ASK ~ 1USD có được không mọi người :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Hy vọng thế kakakaa
250ASK ~1$ là ngon lành \


Việc giới thiệu cũng dễ dàng hơn rất nhiều


Привет:смайлик: Я настроил 2фа на ПК :расслабленный:


Rất cần tiền mà đợi lâu quá đi huhu


Please how do i signup to become an ambassador?


You don’t need to sign up! When we have ambassador activities they will be posted here in the forum. We do not have any new activities right now.




I joined
Permission Ambassadors Will Change the World by


Okay then I have to help them with it


We have a video walk thru here on the forum and can answer questions. Just have them join us here!


Hello good day permission???


This is a video is not active



All videos are active, some are just restricted… usually by country.
Just checked and it plays fine here ( U.S.)


I thank you for your reply
but I’m from Paris, France.


Getting message a error has accoured come back later for two adverts Pet cem and attending your first bitcon conf I can understand the movie onemay be country blocked but not the bitcion one TY


please proof withdraw