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Helloo @mray Please help check. (I Just checked my account activities)

On Ambassador week1, i got 2 referrals ( 14/12 and 15/12, but didnt see the bonus reward)
On Ambassador week2/3, i got 2 referrals (30/12 and 03/01, but saw bonus reward of 500ASK token)

Kindly assist and confirm.



The program started on 12/17 and went to 12/31
You can see the dates if you click on the form :slight_smile:


:exclamation: It’s time for Week 4! :exclamation:

Please fill out the Permission survey below to earn 50 Permission ( ASK) this week!


One question asks me how long ago I was on Permission, I honestly forgot how long ago it was, so I guessed over six months, oh well, hopes that’s okay.


I’ve never had any trouble with any of those choices but it made me pick one :wink:


It’s fine :slight_smile: We kinda like that you’ve been with is so long that you’ve forgotten when you joined!


I need to add a “No problems!” option!


Hahahahaha! :laughing:


‘no problems’:grin::grin::grin::grin:


done and im still around all the best :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ok. Acknowledged :kissing_heart:

#139 Я не знаю даже, как айфонами этими пользоваться) Телефон для разговора)


what is this with my account a have 600000 coin but to day my account is 0 why
my email is watch please


Umfrage erledigt. Tolle Sache Danke :Sonnenbrille::zwinkern:


What do you mean your account is zero? Is your available balance not showing up?


when i open my account is that time my account not open showing error and after some time i open my account its balance is zero and my reffarls showing zero but i have 200+ reffarls so please check my account as soon
watch my balance proved


Your balance is 617205 Permission tokens.