Join the Ambassador Program!


No, time to wait, plz


What did i miss? Been away for some days now.


It has been a while, you are back at the time, welcome back


What is going on with week 2 and 3, i have done twice this and still haven’t got the rewards? By the way the first week was fine and got the tokens in time.

Any answer please??


Week 2 & 3 are both referral rewards and still going on ( ending tonight!)
Participants for both weeks will be paid on Monday and we will also announce week 4 on Monday ( tomorrow!)


:exclamation: I will be making payments today for Week 2 & 3 of the Ambassador program. Week 2 & 3 ENDED on Sunday. We will not have an ambassador activity for this week, but we will have something new for you next Monday! :exclamation:


Cảm thấy permission có hơi ít quảng cáo hay sao ấy. Ít video mới quá.


Đến giờ 1 ASK vẫn có giá trị bằng 1 ASK và không có giá trị đổi ra tiền mặt nhé. Hãy chờ đợi và hi vọng, dù việc này không được cộng thêm điểm. He


Chúng tôi đã thêm gấp đôi số lượng video trong tuần này như chúng tôi có trong quá khứ.


thank you ,mray, for real information:kissing_heart:


Спасибо Вам за вашу работу ! Нас ждет сюрприз?


Nhiều lúc vẫn thấy không có gì để xem :yum:

Vào 00:04, T.5, 10 Th1, 2019 Michelle Ray đã viết:


Lol me too , just hopping I haven’t missed too much as well


Hang tight everyone! I am slowly getting payments out.
We’re getting SOOOOOO close to launching and we are all SUPER busy, but I promise… everyone will see week 2 & 3 paid soon and we will announce week 4 Monday!


Here is mine


Is the program still ongoing?


Week 2 & 3 have ended. We have not yet announced the next Ambassador activity yet.


i still have not gotten my reword for the 2 & 3 week, why is that???


Hi mray,
I was away on vacation, I just got the email on the ambassadorial position…do I still get the opportunity to join… been here for a long time… Let me know


Please PM me your email address.
There were a couple of participants that took longer to verify their referrals.