Join the Ambassador Program!


Can you please assist me to do 2FA.


There is a video on how to do it in the app


rất tuyet
toi rat vui khi tham gia dự án


where do i find my referral code please?


I have submitted for the second week. I have also not received for the first week as earlier promised. Anything the problem?


What is your login email address? I can check on Week 1.


Click on Refer and Earn in the menu on


For this task, the reward is 100 token. The mail i received from says we’ll earn 3000 token as an ambassador. How can I earn 3000 tokens?


Week 1 was a 100 Permission Token reward.

Week 2 participants will get an extra 500 Permission tokens for each (real) referral they bring in during this time.



Please check your Activity for December 17. Your email address was paid for Week 1.


Let me see. How do I check payment history


Go to your Activity Screen on


Alright I will check.


hello? is the referral programme still on?


Yes, it is. We have no immediate plans to end the referral program.


I have 5 referrals but only one of their referral bonus was given, then other 4 were not given, and two of them confirmed their email verification


same thing goes for me


New accounts must complete 2FA setup to verify their accounts. As soon as they verify, you will be paid.


you in restore dowload authy and