Join the Ambassador Program!


I already filled form but I want to ask what else does ambassador does? Is it just to fill forms?


There are tasks each week that will earn you tokens.
This week, it was to share the blog post announcing the ambassador program!
Each week, you will complete a new form so we can track your activity and earnings.


Hello Team,this is V.Murei from Kenya,I already feel Good to be part of this great Project in The World Thanks All !!!


I submitted mine too. Shared it on facebook


I submitted on all my social medias, hopes this is ok:

Google+ Alexander Cindy
Google+ Alexander Skobeleff


Of course, it is ok!


How do I know that I have successfully joined ambassdor program


You just need to complete the tasks that we set up each week!
If you complete them and submit the form, you’re in!


Thank you. I finished the first task and have already submitted the Google form.
Hopefully thats it. When do we get ASK sent to us


Tokens earned through the Ambassador Program will appear in your Earned Balance on on the Monday following the current week.


:exclamation: Week 1 Has Ended :exclamation:

Come back Monday to find out how to earn more in Week 2!


Sorry, join the program when I can be received token, because history balance of me not display


We have not paid out for Week 1 yet. That will happen today.


Welcome to the Ambassador Program - Week 2!
This is an easy way to earn 500 MORE Permission Tokens per referral!

:exclamation: REMINDER: FAKE REFERRALS WILL NOT BE PAID! :exclamation:

You must complete the tasks listed on this form before midnight Central time in the US on Sunday, December 23rd in order to earn the Ambassador bonus for this week.


Week 2 of the Ambassador Program has begun!

How do I joined to be an ambassador? I couldn’t find the form for it


HI! I think there’s an issue with the form… when I enter my referal code as required, it says “please enter a valid url” :wink:


hello how i should know if this referrel is fake or not ? i make promotion in social media and every where i see possible but how can i know if that referrel is fake or not l ? i just hope to not loss my efforts after you launch the blockchain thank you


Similar to mine I am trying to attach my referral code but i get WRONG URL message What do i do?


Доброго времени вам нужно полностью реферальную ссылку с кодом ставить


You click the link in the announcement thread…