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Please read the other threads on the forum about our mainnet launch.


Just checked both videos and they are playing fine at this time. Can you try again?


Still coming up error please try later then a playback ID dZgXU_MHaeWP8A_Q on Pet Cem while Attending your first bitcoin con error please try later then a playback ID ej–2ONEaFXWp8e9


What browser? Can you try a different one?


why i don’t have ask 2000


in my Account in there is History

No transactions found.


Your earned balance is not what is in your wallet.
Your EARNED BALANCE show on your main/home screen is what you have earned from watching videos or referring friends.
The tokens in the wallets are TEST tokens, for testing our blockchain and are not part of your balance.


Скажите пожалуйста ес? когда токен будеть жить?


Мы сделаем объявление, когда у нас будет свидание. Пожалуйста, перестаньте задавать одни и те же вопросы снова и снова.

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I didn’t understand your language.

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You can use the google translator


I did well