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Do you love as much as we do? Then join us in growing our community by becoming a Ambassador!

Thank you for joining the Ambassador program. We are so glad you’re here.

Tokens earned through the Ambassador Program will appear in your Earned Balance on on the Monday following the current week

All forms MUST be completed by midnight Central time in the US on Sunday in order to qualify for payment for Ambassador activities the week before.

Please email if you have any questions!



:exclamation: Week 1 Has Ended :exclamation:

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the Ambassador Program - Week 1!
This is an easy way to earn 100 Permission Tokens!

You must complete the tasks listed on this form before midnight Central time in the US on Sunday, December 16th in order to earn the Ambassador bonus for this week.



After we submit form. Do we need to do anything here on the thread also?


Thanks for the Link !
I have submitted the Form :grinning:


I have made my submission and i like the current ways of earning coins. so cool


Yeah new why to serve the Permission comunity and of course new way to earn some ASK tokens :slight_smile: We are both happy that way!


Thank you. :grin:
Best of luck to everyone


Thank you, I replied to the form, and shared in twitter @alain1258


Cool ! Just tweeted and filled the form :slight_smile: next! next ! :smiley:


Hey guys Brian Here From Kenya. Happy to be part of the ambassador programme.


Nope! Just the form.


I hope to be useful, and to have the opportunity to see this fantastic project in all its developments. Thank you.


:exclamation: Do NOT share the Medium post from the Google doc! Please open the blog post to share.
Sharing from the Google doc does not take readers directly to the Medium page and does not count for Ambassador rewards!

If you shared from the Google doc, please update your social media posts and complete the Google form again.

Make SURE you enter the link to where you shared the Medium blog in the Google form. Just putting in your Twitter or Facebook account link will not earn you the Ambassador rewards. :exclamation:


You guys are doing a great job of sharing the announcement post! Here are a few tips that will help grow our community and earn you more Permission token!


Hello guys. Im mike from philippines, im glad i am here.


the tasks will be given daily or weekly? i hope to send us alerts to the email when there is any task because i really fall in love with ASK coins lol :heart_eyes::joy: all the best for all of us


Done and done!
Thanks for the opportunity to grow :slight_smile:
Also wanted to note, I noticed the subscribe button while you watch videos on This is something I’ve been tempting to bring up, awesome to see some improvement! :smiley:


We will put up new tasks here on Mondays. I am not sure about email, since not everyone will want to participate every week but you should get emails from the forum on threads that you have commented on or subscribed to and they should remind you!


Done!! I’ve submitted the form, waiting patiently for the next task :rocket::rocket: