Intergrating the forum with the permission earning page


Just a suggestion though, I feel the forum should be integrated with the ASK earning page. This will enable more users to interact with the forum from their ASK page. I know many users who don’t even know about the forum but they are logging on to their accounts daily…so the integration will inform them. Look into this suggestion, please.


This is Great suggesstion…It can bring more people on board with an advantage to earn more ASK tokens everytime they contribute to this forum


For any site, the forum and the main website are always separate.
If someone loses their 2FA and password, and has no access to their account, how would they access the forum to ask for help since it also uses the same login as the main website?


You are right though.


Good point or at least make a link that says “forums” I betting a lot of people that don’t need “support” don’t even know it’s there