Increasing User Adoption


Rules to live by with a new product or technology:

Achieving user adoption for new technology requires communicating with stakeholders EARLY and OFTEN.

It is well known that a lack of information creates a void which is quickly filled with assumptions and rumors.

You shouldn’t just be communicating cutover and go-live dates. Engagement requires communicating “with” and not “at” your stakeholders.

Establish a schedule for the regular distribution of updates.

Communicate, communicate and communicate some more.

Thank you,


We appreciate your enthusiasm and we agree, which is why we are here every single day ( even weekends) and answering emails and social media every day. We send an email at least once a week.
Much of our development at this stage is on the blockchain and back end for our advertisers, but we also JUST communicated yesterday about upcoming enhancements to the referral program!


Thank you, I do appreciate that you are there all the time answering emails, social media questions and on this forum replying to the same old questions that get asked everyday. I also appreciate the weekly emails that are sent out. However, the emails are just marketing emails not company developments, updates or progress.

All the emails sent out are regarding rewards and how to earn more ASK by watching video ads and referring new people to And all the questions that are answered are all about how to set up 2fa and that everyone should read the FAQs (which have not been updated since mid-November) and to read all previous posts if they ask about mainnet or about exchanges. Well, I have read all the FAQs, all the previous posts and the whitepapers but none of these provide any real updates or progress on the business.

If I have a vested interest in a business I would like to know what is going on with the business itself, like user growth, advertising growth, what milestones it has met or working towards, what are the next features and steps taken to expand and how value is being created. Lets say I’m invested in Amazon, I don’t get any value from them telling me about the items they are selling as an investor, I want to know how much and to whom they are selling the products to, how they intend to sell more products and how they plan to invest in growth of users and features that will create more value for the company and the investors.

Watch and Earn is a great tagline but what am I earning? Well, I’m earning ASK tokens of which have no value at this point in time. Nor do I know when they will possibly be worth anything. When you say “Development at this stage is on the blockchain and back end for our advertisers” really is not telling me anything useful, and gives me no incentive to spend a couple of hours a day watching video ads.

Thanks for your time,


You are always more than welcomed to send an email asking about specific questions about progress, but since you can see the application changing and we do email about new features, you can see the test transactions on the blockchain, and you are aware of the reasons we are not yet on mainnet, I am not sure what else you would expect in terms of an update on development progress.

We are not yet releasing user growth numbers or the names of our current or potential advertising partners just yet, but when we do, that will be done here and in email and press release.

We have announced new hires in the last couple of months.

There is no firm date yet for our mainnet launch and that is the only question we are asked regularly. I appreciate that everyone is anxious for our mainnet launch. Believe me when I say taht no one is more excited and ready to launch than the entire Permission team and that is why we are here answering every question, every day. However, we hope that you are as excited about the future of Permission as we are, and not just about the token launch :slight_smile: