IMPORTANT: Changes coming to Refer & Earn TODAY, May 22

Thank you, early adopters!

You helped Permission shake hands with new members around the world. We’re happy you got to reap the extra rewards for joining Permission during our beta Refer and Earn program!

Now that we have moved our blockchain to MainNet, our early adopter rewards are ending and we’re updating our referral program to keep pace with growth to keep everyone earning.

Beginning TODAY, May 22, our referral program gets simple:
When your referrals earn, you earn!
2019-05-21_17-15-45 is starting new, exciting things.
MainNet Launch was just the beginning. We’re working to give you more ways to earn from your data and time! Stay tuned!


отлично хорошие новости !!! Спасибо ребята!

Hi! Just want to ask something about referrals. Last week, if I remember it correctly it was May 16…My referrals doubled but my wallet balance didnt change…May I ask if I can still get rewards from those newly added referrals since it was added to my account before this change? I ask @rpekar1 in a different thread if it is possible to verify whether my referrals were real or was a mistake but I still didnt get any clear response yet. Hopefully someone can shed light to me about this. Thanks!


It’s beautiful! Very good news ! Good luck Permission !!!


Đã đợi và sắp gặp được e :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hope to exchange USD soon to drink coffee

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My bad! I didn’t see your reply the other day. DM me your Permission account email and I can take a look.

:smile: cam on ngay moi vui ve nhe

Hi! Have you seen my DM? Just would like to follow up if have any news about it… :sweat_smile:

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