I'm waiting for mainnet


Kindly tell me how long we have to wait for mainnet and what is coin name? because ASK coin is already exist in marketcap and i’m waiting for mainnet before 6 months kindly tell me exactly time for mainnet.


Everyone is waiting…


Còn có rất nhiều người muốn biết như bạn

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Please date because after mainnet we have to join more peoples i can understand because i am also a professional engineer it takes time but try to do something for mainnet thanks alot.


In this thread I talk about where the company stands on business development efforts and ASK launch.


The token is still on a testnet blockchain, of course it’s not on coinmarketcap.


some video not working in my contry i mean turkey some video not playing thanx

Rpekar via Permission.io Forum permission@discoursemail.com, 25 Mar 2019 Pzt, 18:36 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

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Hi! Advertisers’ videos may suddenly become unavailable in some countries. That is not something we control, that has to do with publishing laws. Let me know if it becomes a daily problem.


Any update about mainet


I will check with my bosses again to see if I can publicly discuss more details. I know you’re all very anxious to know more. I’m anxious to tell you more! But the fact is, we will launch when the time is right for the company.

We are more than a token, we’re building a product that we know will change the advertising industry. We can say that simply because of the number of brands trying to work with us. We have more factors to take into account than the majority of crypto companies who have nothing more than a whitepaper and a coin.


hi this is great company i am grand to be member this compamy


Sorry to ask,what is Mainnet?am new here

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tanx for your ifd back darling :heavy_heart_exclamation: