If you have problems with 2FA, try this

Please do the following:
Clear your browser cache.
Make sure there is only 1 Permission account in your 2FA application.
If you are using Google Authenticator, go into Settings and sync time code.
On the Permission login page, check the box that says “remember this trusted device.”
Then login again.


Hello, I need help. I lost my 2FA code and since I no longer have access to my account and view that I would like to know if it was possible that I create a new account and you transfer me my chips.
Thank you for your attention

Unfortunately, we cannot move your ASK to a new account…
If you saved your backup codes or your passcode you should be able to still login to Permission.
If you deleted your 2FA app, you can reinstall it and go through the recovery process with either Google or Authy

Thank you for your help.

Le mer. 29 mai 2019 à 19:30, Michelle Ray via Permission.io Forum permission@discoursemail.com a écrit :

Thank you for your response

I made all efforts trying the following:

Clear browser cache.

Made sure there is only 1 Permission account in my 2FA application.

I do not have Google Authenticator

On the Permission login page,I checked the box that says remember this trusted device.

Thank you

Did that work for you?

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Per request help - assistance . My account is linked, I just need to verify the authentication. The 6-digit number shown on my authenticator app was Enter with an error message. Thank you

Which error message did you get?

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Yes.I’ m still having problems with setting. UP 2FA I have downloaded Google Authenticator clicked on sync now a message pop up Time Already correct authentication Internal clock was not adjusted because already sync with google servers. . I also went into my account on Permission app (settings) all my information is correct only step on Permission setting is 2FA VERIFICATION. The Google Authenticator has codes i cant use the 6 digt 304803 its requiring to add on the Phone App on Permission Io. Its poping up an error.

Thank you

Warm Regards

Mr. Jose Rodriguez

Ok, did you have have 2FA set on your account before?

If yes, when did you set it up? How long ago?

Where are you getting the error? On the login page or on saving profile?
Please post a screenshot of the error message.

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I will send you screen shot at my soonest convenience

I have too problems. 2FA have on win phone. 17.6.2019 Clear browser cache and nothing. I have security keys and son Android phone. Application says bad security keys. 2FA not function.

Couple of questions:
Did you have 2FA set up before?
If so, how long ago did you set it up and did you log in after that ( before now)?

hello also i have problems with 2FA

Did you follow all of the troubleshooting steps above?

yes maam I tried all of it

Looks like you are using Brave. Can you try logging in on another browser, and make sure you only have one Permission account showing in your Authenticator app?

I using Chrome and now Opera and nothing. Number is bad how say Joseph_Galicio. A have same problem.

Please post a screenshot of the error you are getting if you have tried all of the troubleshooting steps above.