I have an interesting idea


On permission.io, you can “favorite”:heart: the different companies you watch.

What about commenting on them though?

Similar to the rules of engagement on the forums and such, the comments section would be additional information for an advertiser to take into account.

To prevent spam and misguided information from comments, you can go one step further and have it held for a “dedicated” crowd within the site’s community. Giving a specific guidance (i.e. questions relating to the ad, that statistics can’t necessarily answer) to the community to answer upon every advertisement interested in this setup. This can be something as simple as asking about improvements to their ad, to something as far fetched as why you would be interested in buying it/not buying it. This will give real time research from an audience of internet-based shoppers, and with the ability to customize the questions, you’ll have the capability to provide custom, anonymous genuine research.

Just a thought that came into my mind earlier today while I was grabbing coffee. There is likely some form of this already in the works, but in case there wasn’t here is a suggestion :blush:

Happy new years eve! I see it’s already the 31st for some of you, cheers to completing 2018 and moving forward to 2019! :metal: :fireworks:


Wow! That’s brilliant idea, :ok_hand: you are simply the bestest :joy:


We will be adding a feedback feature in the near future, though comments are not on the map yet.
Most of the content will only be available for a short time, but the call to action can be anything, so advertisers may send you to a survey for more feedback or content creators may ask you to go fill out a feedback form.