I can't save my profile



Tôi không thể lưu được hồ sơ các nhân mong support giúp tôi


What are you trying to change? Did you select at least 2 interest categories?


No, Just too long time I not go in website and now I log in and set up my proftle but system said that and issue 1002 b. yes I select more 2


Please check this issue, I see many people have issue 1002b like me. thank you


Log out. Clear your browser cache. Log in and try again please.


I did it but still can’t save. I’m old user. I’m sign up in 2018.


I will mention this to developers, but it is Saturday and I cannot reproduce your issue.
I have had others say the problem was resolved by clearing cache and making sure their 2FA time codes were synced in Google Authenticator.
It may be Monday before I have any other suggestions.

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Ok. I can wait and please reply when you have any suggestions. Thanks


I’m also having the same issue while saving my profile. Getting same 1002b error. Tried clearing cache but it’s still not allowing me to save my profile.


I will have the developers look into this tomorrow.


I have the same error (1002b)


me too!! help us! 1002b


If you cannot save updates to your profile, please try the following:

Log out of Permission
On the login page, click on “Forgot Password”
Follow the instructions to reset your password ( you can reset to the same one you are using now)
and log in again.
Then try profile changes.

Please let me know if this works for you


I did it. but not work for me.


can you post a screenshot showing me the error?


like that


That is after resetting your password, too?

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I can send you my account to fix it?


I can try. I will send you a private message.