I can't access to my account! Someone hacked & authorized with 2FA!


Someone hacked my account and authorized 2FA! But i never authorized with Authenticator. When i try to login to my account, it asking me 2FA code! I want to resurrect my account. Registered email: faruquesangeeta@gmail.com. user name: asmfaruque.


It’s unlikely someone hacked your account and authorized and set up 2FA. I cannot reset a 2FA passcode. Did you set up Authy or Google Authenticator before?


No. I didn’t setup 2FA. He was hacked my gmail account! And stolen my all data. Then i resurrected my gmail a/c but unable to access to Permission.io. That Tunesian hacker accessed to my account and authenticated with 2FA (Google or Authy). When i try to login to Permission.io a/c, it ask me 2FA code. Please help me to resurrect my Permission a/c.


you need to change your email account password and secured it more, later come back to permission.io and change your password, I know it might require your 2FA here, but try changing password first, then try editing your setting and add the other 2FA


Dear, when i try to login to my permission account, it ask me 2FA code. Hence i can’t access. I requested to change my password. when i open PW reset link, it ask me 2FA authentication code. That i never authenticated with authy/authenticator. Now i think, i’ve lost my permission account!


Try to open a new account, then forward your complain to mray that you want your ASK coin transfer to your new account, then don’t forget to give her your referral code


We can transfer the balance to a new account, but that is going to take me some time to accomplish. I will need to get some information to verify the old account is yours and I honestly won’t have any time to do this until next week.


Now i have sign-up new account with new a new email. Please ad my previous accounts points. Previous email: faruquesangeeta@gmail.com.


I will get to this when I can, but I will need to verify some information, as I said before. I cannot just send token to a new account.

Please send me an email at mray@permission.io and I will respond with the information I need in order to make this happen.