I cannot update the profile


I have updated the profile but when I click save, the result is not correct
Now what do I do admin?


I need more information to help. What are you trying to update in your profile and if you log out and back in, is the change saved?


I am also having a similar problem… I have managed to do 2FA but if I proceed to update my profile they are saying that the key is invalid. In addition to that, they are showing that I do have only 2000ASK balance while I do have 260380ASK

.i would like you to assist if possible.


The wallets are TEST NET wallets and the tokens in them are for testing, not part of your earned balance. Please read the FAQs and other threads on the subject.

As for 2FA, are you trying to use one device for both 2FA and Permission.io?
If so, you need to enter the code before it changes on Google Authenticator ( it changes every 20-30 seconds.)

You may also need to make sure your time sync settings are correct:

In Google Authenticator:
click on the three dots in the upper right hand of the app
Select “Settings”
Then select “Time correction for codes”


I am using Google Authenticator but usingits extension to google Chrome browser since I tried Authy and. Didn’t work…so when I was almost done setting 2FA the key failed to be checked in order for to proceed to complete my profile…that actually the issues I am experiencing