I cannot log in because the 2fa number last for 25 second


can you make it longer


The timing on an authenticator has no relationship with the platform you are using it to secure.

It’s a token generator that’s why it timeframe is short.

It will surely give you another token, so you use the new 6digit token.


It will generate a new code do Input that ,if possible copy and paste it!..


25 seconds is enough time to put the 2fa codes there… I dont know why it taking you so long to put the 2fa codes but try to practice using it, it usually takes less then 5 seconds to input your code.


Yes, you got to be fast, (chuckles) That’s what I did when I discovered this early on. I set the cp on the desk, got prepared to try again, then got it, and finally it was done. Just gotta be persistent, eh :smile:


grats bro,in few trials you can do within 5 seconds :grin: