I can not access to my account Please help

When i want to access to my permission account i get a get a window wondering me to put y 2FA afetr putting it a get a pupop with this text :" AUTHENTIFICATION ERROR - AN ERROR OCCURED WHILE ATTEMPTING TO AUTHORIZE YOUR ACCESS " please tell me if is there any issue with this problem ? THANK YOU FOR HELPING.

If You’re having 2FA issues.

Please do the following:
Clear your browser cache.
Make sure there is only 1 Permission account in your 2FA application.
If you are using Google Authenticator, go into Settings and sync time code.
On the Permission login page, check the box that says “remember this trusted device.”
Then login again.

Unfortunately, we cannot move your ASK to a new account…
If you saved your backup codes or your passcode you should be able to still login to Permission.
If you deleted your 2FA app, you can reinstall it and go through the recovery process with either Google or Authy

thank you very much so i change the internet browser and logged to my account successfully.

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