I am in trouble

My wallet do not show all ASK
I think you are testing it from couple of months i think so you are fail to launch it
Your target was the end of the year but you are unable to launch i think people do not trust on you beceause it is looking you not working on it
Peoples do not want to waste their time
I am waiting for reply after that i decide i leave it or stay here

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There are at least 5 threads discussing the mainnet launch on here and we send emails every week.
I am here answering questions seven days a week and you see new features regularly.
To suggest we aren’t working on the application, communicating our plans, or helping our members only means you don’t bother to read the forum or the emails we send out weekly.


Thanks for your response but it is better to set a target date so everyone excited about date.
Without plan or the target date you can not work well. We hope you announce the date as in my reply and all are waiting for the period.
At last my wallet can not show all ASK?

We are not yet ready to announce a hard date. I have already addressed the the reasons. It will be announced just as SOON as we are ready.

Not sure what you mean by your wallet not showing all ASK. Your earned balance is displayed in the app, but the wallets are TEST wallets right now and do not have anything to do with your earned balance. The tokens in them are for testing our blockchain and are not live.

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