How will I be able to “monetize my data by earning ASK”?

Just reiterating and re-querying this after re-reading the roadmap (“Here’s How It Works”) of which step 4 (out of 5) states: “Monetize your data by earning ASK”. How and when will we be able to do this (i.e., an anticipated future event)?


We know everyone is excited for what comes next for Permission… no one is more excited than us!
We do have a roadmap available at


So is the “roadmap” you’re referring to the (in my case) aforementioned “Here’s How It Works” section?

Sorry MRay, I just corrected my own mistake and answered my own question; it appears the official “product roadmap” for ASK tokens with is technically on page 19 of the “Permission Marketplace Whitepapers”. My apologies.