How transfer ask??


Hi…Is there any system that,transfer this ask from one account to another account??


Please read the FAQ!


There is no question in FAQ about TRANSFER


We are still on testnet!


Not yet launched, but can be sent to any account


Not yet launc_emphasized text_hed, but can be sent to any accountstrong text


how can be sent to any account?


It can be sent to any other Permission member. The wallets say TEST NET because they are TEST wallets and tokens.
The tokens in your wallet are NOT part of your earned balance.


Hello, can I open a section for the test wallet here? With this some movement comes into the coins… :sunglasses::rocket::rocket:


You can definitely open a Test Wallet thread! Please do!


i don’t have received’s wallet address where get wallet ??


The wallets are TEST NET wallets. Please read the FAQs.


hy…i’ve just read the faq section. so the 2000 ASK in test wallet are not earned Tokens? because i’ve sent them to my erc20 wallet. upps :))… but i haven’t received them. What did i do?


Yes, they are test wallets and test tokens. ( Which is why the wallets say TEST NET in red!)
You don’t need to do anything. The tokens will not show up in any other wallet outside of the Permission testnet.


yeah thanks. i’m sorry i saw its a test net but i’ve shared my link in the last days and thought the tokens are for a referral or something. sorry again for inconvenience


Hi I’m new here at permissions. SInce I am still new, could you bear with me if i ask questions about this site? Thanks much


Sure, just please read the FAQs and other topics before asking!


Can you guide us as you told you are going live the site at the end of this year
We can expect the date or it is going delay now?
One more thing what is difference in ASK and ALAX


Please read the FAQs.


Why my balance not showing again