How To Withdraw Your ASK Using and the Trezor Hardware Wallet!

Using With the Trezor Hardware Wallet and the Permission Network

Note: This how-to guide assumes you already have a Trezor hardware wallet setup properly and have the backup words stored safely away. If you have not setup or backed up your Trezor hardware wallet, please visit for more information.

Step 1.

Go to

Step 2.

Read the welcome pages and click next until you reach the select wallet page.

Step 3.

At the top right of the page, you can click and select the network in which you want to connect.

Click ‘Show Other Networks,’ then click Permission (Select AUTO if offered).

Step 4.

After selecting Permission, you should see the network change to PERMISSION (PERMISSION.IO) in the top right of the page.

Step 5.

Connect your Trezor hardware wallet to your computer then click the Trezor button on the webpage. Upon clicking the Trezor button on the webpage, you will be presented with a button to “Connect to TREZOR”. Click the blue button.

Step 6.

Once you click the blue button, a popup or new tab will open asking for permission to export your public key to from the Trezor hardware wallet. Click the “Allow once for this session” button to confirm the action.

Step 7.

After clicking the blue button, you will be asked to “Export” your public key. Click the green button to Export your public key to

Step 8.

After clicking the Export button, you will need to enter your PIN for the Trezor device.

After correctly entering your PIN, you will be presented with a page to select an Account to use. Select an Account and click the blue Unlock button.

Step 9.

After Unlocking the Account you selected, you will be presented with the Account management page. This page includes your Account Address, Account Balance (if any), a blank for entering an Account address to Send to, and an amount to send.

Step 10.

If you need to change your Account, simply click the Change Wallet button to switch Accounts. You’ll follow the same process as in Steps 5 – 8.

Step 11.

To exit the Account management page, simply unplug your Trezor hardware wallet and close the webpage tab or window.


open withdraw ???ok

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Is this the only way to withdraw $ ask?
Because hardware wallets, few users will be difficult for everyone


This is just a hard wallet withdrawal. You can always withdraw to a 3rd party wallet such as a trust wallet or

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Is trust wallet & Blockchain safe?

How to use my Bitcoin wallet to withdraw my Ask ? Thank you everyone

There is NO support for withdrawing to any other 3rd party wallet other than Trezor via My Crypto yet.

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What is the value of one Ask in $ right now? And this trezorhard wallet we must pay it?

Hi Madam, In order to use Trezor hardware, We must pay some money to oder it?
I already create a wallet with Trezor but up to Step 5, I can not connet to TREZOR…What should I do?

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привет Мери
скажите это только начало и скоро будут другие варианты вывода средств, то есть будут сторонние кошельки в придачу к трезор?

Yes, a Trezor is a hardware wallet that you must buy separately.

Когда мы получим другие кошельки, поддерживающие ASK, мы поделимся этой информацией.
Требуются время и работа, чтобы получить другие кошельки для поддержки новых криптовалют.

Can permisison wallet put $ ask directly on the floor?

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I am not sure what your question is about.

directly withdraw $ ask from permisison on the trading platform without going through a 3rd party wallet

Мери а сколько ждать нам другие кошельки поддерживающие ASK, ?
Пришло на почту нам всем письмо от вашего Чарльза о том что 1 июля будут новфые функции …скажите это будет связано с выводом или нет?

Any other exchange your planning for ask to be exchanged without the TREZOR WALLET ?

We have no information about exchanges.

Опять же, мы опубликуем информацию, когда получим поддержку от других кошельков.
Что касается объявления 1 июля, вы узнаете 1 июля!