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We have no information about exchanges.


when is the token launching? exact date?


We have not yet announced the date.


Im glad to be here! Thank you for letting me be apart of the wonderful crusade!
Cant wait to see where this movement takes use,a very good friend of mine introduced me into Permission…


Rất vui khi forum có thêm thành viên là bạn.


it sound good let use make money


Hi, bei mir werden seit 4 Tagen keine Token mehr angezeigt. Bitte um Hilfe! Danke


Ich brauche mehr Infos. Sehen Sie keine neuen Videos zum Anschauen? Ist die Seite in Englisch?


I can see the videos, but the page is in German. Also in English the tokens are not visible in the blue field at the top right. Are about 45500 tokens



The Earned Balance won’t show if the page is translated. Try clearing your cache and putting the page back in English.


Super thanks has worked!! Merry Christmas

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