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Welcome to Permission! We’re glad you have joined us in our crusade to end data exploitation. This is going to be huge, and you are a very important part of this movement!


I’m a million % lost and have no idea what I’m supposed to do??? HELP!!!


What is it you are lost on?
The forum or using Permission?


I feel like such an idiot, I’m unsure of both! Im interested and think this is a great idea but I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do/use :neutral_face:

Thanks for responding!


The forum has a couple of sections that could be helpful for you, but I would begin by just reading the FAQ section.
We have a very helpful community, so you can use General Discussion to ask questions or read the answer to the other questions asked.

At, you only have to watch videos! Every complete video that you watch increases your earned balance. When we move from testnet to mainnet, all of those earned Permission tokens will be available to you in your in-app wallet!.
You can earn more by sharing your referral code on social media or with your friends. Just visit the Refer & Earn link on


Where are the videos?


When you login to, they are on the main /Home screen


Please am on unable to log in to my permission dashboard after changing my password


I need to know what error message you are getting


I’m having a serious glitch with my iPad then, I’m signed in and no videos in site anywhere?


What do you see on the homepage? We have live content and no issues with the site.


Having issues with authentication


With 2FA or verifying your account?


Here’s a screen shot of all I get on home page


login tried to click or register?


This is what I’m saying, I am logged in when I click the 2 holding hands icon for homepage, that’s what I get! This is a huge problem for ppl on iPads I’m assuming. I don’t want to be glued to my computer or do this on my computer as my iPad can’t get a virus, computers can. Really frustrating!


If you are logged in, you should be at


Ambas y no se que es lo q debo hacer o sea para obtener los token solo marcar : like?


Simplemente inicie sesión todos los días y mire videos y refiera a sus amigos usando el código en la página de Obtener y Ganar


When we will able to exchange our ask ?