How to earn Tokens


When can I start earning tokens and how or where do I go to earn them??


Create an account at , watch videos, refer friends, and see our News and Announcements for other ways to earn!


How do I refer friends? Do I just tell others to join? When I signed up it didn’t ask me if I was referred…
Also I’ve seen some news and announcements and still nothing…
Do I have to post pictures from this forum to other social networking sites? If so that means I have to have memberships to other social networking sites right?


I have a lot of questions about this and really just want to help to advance but I need to know some major fundamentals before I can give my input which I think would be beneficial.





You can refer in several ways. Please see the Refer & Earn screen in your account. From there, you can share your link on social media sites or send emails. You can also share your QR code for others to scan or download a printable flyer to share.
All of those ways show your referral ID and will earn tokens for you if people sign up.


Wait so these “tokens” are not worth anything in US currency? Like bitcoins?


We are currently on testnet and moving to mainnet at the end of the year.
Like every other token / cryptocurrency, we have a test blockchain before we go live to make sure everything is secure and your money will move correctly when you want it to, and will be safe.

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, we have an actual product for earning and using that cryptocurrency that is currently in beta and being evaluated for function, design, and security.


Ok so do I have to set anything up to receive my money or when I’m ready to cash out I can just give my bank info and it transfers? I mean exactly how does it work?