How to advertise?


Hi,one of my freind is asking me if its possible for him to advertise his video channel in
if yes, is there a step by step guide ,rules or FAQs i can forward to him…thanks!


The Same to me? I Had Asked Ms MRay , but didn’t had the anwer


Please PM me with a link to your Youtube channel or the video you would like to add to Permission and I will check it out.

Please note that we do not accept promotions for ICOs or fundraising for cryptoprojects or airdrops


Dear admin i want to make a video on permission please send me one video of permission how to join and verify with 2fa app and I will upload it on my YouTube channel thanks my email id id


You can find our Youtube channel at

You can share the videos that are on there.


Thanks alot i hv uploaded video on my you tube channel inm sending you link please advertise on my vide thanks and i am making many referel for you for this excellent program thanks again try to live to immediately so i can setup a new program for this website
Here is my youtube channel video link about permission. Io


You need to remove ALL of this from your video description
“A huge program after join this program you you have to watch ads and you can earn 20$ per day and join from my link to get 100$ bonus”

Making promises about value is dishonest and we will not permit it under our company name.

Thank you.


Yeah sure offcourse thats why i ask you that what to i m removing now so you can check my channel again because i m not dishonest i m honest person so bundles of thanks for you for your good explanation and kind response.