How Did You Lost Your 2FA Key/App?


You can not lost 2FA, when you dont set it up.

Generally, those who set up 2FA, are people who want to take part on “Wallet Test Net” of which is a mandatory requirement for you to try TestNet wallet and receive 2000ASK in other to try and send the test token to other permission account wallet address.

Firstly, when you create an account, you can use the permission site, signout and signin without 2FA and be earning ASK by watching the videos clips.

As progress of the project is ongoing, the Team made an environment for the community to test the service, and provided an option to get 2000ASK to test. And in other to receive the 200ASK test token the steps required setting up 2FA. And there is an instruction on the process of setting up 2FA and you are required to save your 2FA KEY before going to the next step.

My question now is HOW DID YOU LOST YOUR 2FA KEY OR 2FA APP OR 2FA PHNOE? I can give you an instance if you can tell us.

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Кому мне отправлять 2000 аск ?:мышление:


Lol I not shy yes please :slight_smile:


So how did you lost your 2FA?