Hhelp me thanks!

I finished the file and 2fa but when I watched the clip
there is a history of accepting $ask but there is no $ask in the wallet
There is no $ask for pending balance
Please help me
link wallet: 0x6ec28965c07628caa8d9e0483379856f00306666

Can you send me a screenshot of your Activity screen and your wallet page?

Vào 20:58, T.2, 27 Th5, 2019 Huynh Nguyen huynhe77@gmail.com đã viết:

Looks like those payments went through fine. Look at your Permission wallet.

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Hi, I wanna ask a question

Vào 21:50, T.2, 27 Th5, 2019 Michelle Ray via Permission.io Forum permission@discoursemail.com đã viết:

That is not your wallet. That is PENDING for any payments that have not been processed on the blockchain. There will not be a balance there most of the time.

Click on the Wallet link.