Hello I am new in the forum

I have about 894 ASK coin before but when they launch I did not see it again what happened … And I just watch AD but the amount of the ASK coin that will be in my balance is not correct… I should be 345 ASK coin in my balance but all I got is 155

Please read the pinned post and the other questions on this topic. Some of your earnings may already be in your wallet.
The Pending Balance is for transactions that have not yet been processed by the blockchain, but are in queue.

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Thanks so much …I have something to ask how much is 1ASK coin to dollars and how can I exchange ASK to BTC …and can I buy ASK coin with BTC because I mean business

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I don’t know how I will tread my ASK coin for other coins …I want to know what can I use ASK coin to do …I did not see peer to peer

Please Do Not Ask About:

  • exchanges.
  • 3rd party wallets. When we have news we will share it.
  • Beta earnings not showing up yet. This is answered above.

When we have information about any of these things, we will let you know!

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