Hard to see English Subtitles


Sometimes there’s some videos that shows English Subtitles, and it’s hard to read them because part of the words are blocked out by the little speaker and volume control icon, like this video Tacoma FD - Season 1 (01:32), for example. There was many others, I let that go, but sometimes, it’s interesting what’s being said. Anyway, I had this idea, how about shifting the speaker and volume control icon below the video frame? Would that be feasible? It would be helpful, thanks.

I realises now, after going back and testing, when I widens the browser, the speaker and volume control icon moved to the side, and the English Subtitles shows better, the wider I pulled the browser, the bigger the captions, so I was wrong, it’s okay.

The reason why I squeezes the browser is to see the description, it’s hard to see the description below the videos at times, long descriptions would be harder to see but I managed. Anyway it’s all good, okay.


I’m happy you found a solution! I will still submit your feedback to the development team :slight_smile:


Thanks, much appreciated! :smiley: