Goods sold on permission marketplace are way too expensive compared to other online retailers

I noticed that things sold on the marketplace are way too expensive when compared to other online marketplace. IPhone 7 on permission market place sells for $366.60 equivalent to #128,310 Nigerian naira, the same iPhone 7 is sold on Jumia(one of Nigeria’s top marketplace) for $271 equivalent to #95000 Nigerian naira. Permission marketplace might witness a low customer turnout with this little price hike and fluctuations. To get many customers, you have to sell goods cheaper. Find sellers who are ready to sell goods for cheaper price not sellers who hike their prices thereby chasing customers away from the marketplace. Believe me, this is really important. I even expected goods to be cheaper over there…do something about it and see how many people will turnout on the marketplace. Jumia sells millions of goods per day by selling goods cheaper…find better sellers Now!!!


Tôi cũng nhận thấy hàng hóa do Permission cho bán quá đắt so với thị trường.

Thank you for the feedback. Our items are priced in line with other retailers in the United States, but we are always looking for more merchants.

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