Errors automatically exit the system

I logged in permisson, when I clicked on any function, I was ejected with an error
“You have logged out automatically. It looks like you are logged in with another device?”


Такая же история) Вхожу, через секунду выкидывает)

I tried many times and still encountered such errors

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И что делать в итоге? знает кто?

Some other players have the same error
Hope to fix the problem soon


Hang tight, everyone! We are working on it!

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yes, look forward to the fix soon

Should be fixed now!


Hi. I have a problem. I can’t log into my account. The site opens and immediately throws to check the username and password. Please check.

Same problem herer even I am automatically logged off when I loggin…

Can you try clearing your browser cache?
I have been logged in for the last 2 hours with no problems.

I think its working perfectly now…thank you mray

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