Complain about not Receiving Referral Bonus


I just invited many people by my referral link and they join the platform.
They received 2500 ASK Tokens but i not received any Token Please guide me and grant my all referral token please


Your referrals would not have gotten 2500. They would have gotten 250. What does your Refer & Earn screen say for the total number of referrals?


Nếu họ làm đúng. (Đăng kí + xác nhận 2fa) thì người nhận được 2500 ASK là bạn chứ không phải họ. Người đăng kí mới chỉ nhận 250 ASK thôi bạn nhé.


He gotten 2500ASK not 250 he also Enable 2FA but i still not received the referral bonus please solve the matter


One of my friend received 250ASK tokens and he used my referral link to registered but i not received any thing please solve the problem i am in trouble please
I also check the activity thrir is no payment shown please i invited a lot but not received any token. If you not solve the matter told me so i not invite more people to the platform


My referral still showing 3

Please i am waiting solve my matter please


If he got 2500, it is because he referred someone else.
The number shown on your Refer & Earn page is the number of referrals that completed 2FA setup.
If you didn’t get paid for a referral it is because they either did NOT use your referral code when they signed up or they did not set up 2FA.
I can look into it if you want, but those are the only 2 reasons you would have not gotten paid.
To check into it, I need you to send me a message with your referral code and their email address that they signed up with.