When the token ask will be listed in coinmarketcap

in December they said that the beta phase would end and we are still waiting

will enter this token someday to the market of cryptocurrencies


I have no information about exchanges. The Permission token is intended to be used within the application. However, when we move to mainnet you will be able to withdraw the tokens in your Earned Balance and do whatever you wish with them. Right now we are on a testnet, doing the last steps of security audits and account validations. We are also working with advertisers to provide even higher quality content when we launch.


Beautiful :+1:t3: Still waiting patiently…


Đợi chờ là hạnh phúc. Mong hạnh phúc sẽ mau tới


Tell me how long to wait when you exit the test? Maybe 1,2,3 or 6 months, at least you should know the approximate launch date and tell us, because everyone is waiting, but for the time being you only promise, but there is no result.


december is estimation date but now is february, the longer you guys delayed and being silent about progress is, the more we would likely to vanish from this platform. we need an update, that is why telegram group is important for update.


We have NOT been silent. Are you on our email list? We sent updates about the blockchain’s progress in mid January and our CEO Charles Silver sent a letter last week about the business relationships we are developing.


I do not have the authority to give you a date. Have faith and patience, we are working extremely hard to make this platform reach its full potential. As soon as I am given permission, a launch date will be communicated to everyone.


спасибо будем верить и ждать дату запуска…


будем верить ждать дату запуска…


ждать дату запуска…


Великие вещи требуют времени.