Cheddar Videos Are Painfully Slow

Does anybody else have this problem? My DL speed is 15mbps and it took about an hour to watch a 7 min video last night. Is there anyway I can lower the quality of these videos? it doesn’t seem to be doing it automatically.


Thanks for the feedback. The speed is definitely due to the higher quality videos.
I will pass the info on to the team.


It’s these “Cheddar” videos in particular i’m having problems with. All other videos I watch is playing smoothly.


This video in particular is not playing


I had the exact same problem with “The must-see Tech Gadgets at CES (Cheddar)”
It’s annoyingly slow.


Yes, those are the ones i’m talking about. Hopefully they fix this.

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tôi cũng thế. xem hết video nhưng không kết thúc được và không nhận được ask

mine is deferand some video not playing in my country

video quality not important important thing some video not playing all country

Advertisers determine what country their videos will be shown to. We are working to make sure that videos that aren’t available to you do not show in your main page in the future.
Please remember that we are in beta and improving all the time!