Can we transfer ASK at the moment?

Some groups have been opened on telegram for people to sell or buy ASK. Some say that transferring ASK at this moment may cause accoint to be suspended. Is that true?

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In the same question, how will the suspended ASK number be handled?

I transferred 100ASK token from my wife’s wallet to mine fine this morning. Took about 10 minutes to show up. It is a pain having to use a separate QR reader app to do it but it still worked. :+1::smiley:

The ASK in your wallet is yours. You can do whatever you want with it.

That being said, creating fake accounts to amass ASK WILL get you suspended.

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How will the ASK number of the suspended account be processed?

Not sure what you are asking. Are you familiar with how blockchain and crypto works?

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I mean if the account is suspended and ASK still switches to the new account, they will continue to violate the account

We have no way of doing anything with your ASK in your wallet. . You own it, even if your account is suspended.

I see, it’s hard to control fraudulent actions
will be disadvantaged for referrals
This will be a big problem if you want to grow stronger

Please read the whitepaper. We have already enacted measures to counter bad actors, with more to come very soon.
The worst part of this is that people are purposely trying to hurt the project. Those are not the people we want joining us. Token hunters are fine, if they do not commit fraud, which is exactly what some of these people are doing.