Can some predict the future of our project?

The future of a cryptocurrency project depends on its community. This project is doing things that make actual results. Right but not nearly enough to grow the community. Can you tell me some reasons why people would spend their time on your website watching ads. For money? Mostly not, I keep telling my friends that" you watch videos, earn ASK, one day ASK may have value. They said “bullshit”, they can spend that time make real money. Even if ASK had value. Can anyone make a living watching ads videos. So the reason “For money” only right for a few money craz who holding a certain amount of ASK. Let’s say people watch ads video to look for something to buy. Oh no, they would not do that. They would simply type or talk to Google, they would have thousands of options to choose. Even though other social networks somehow invade users privacy, but the users interest in them somehow overcome the privacy matter & most of ther users are willing to accept that. That is the natural trend, psychologicaly. So would tell me others reasons why people would visit to watch ads videos( some money craze who holding large amount of ASK from the early phase are not count).


You make very good points and we have thought them all. Permission’s beta phase use case was watching videos, but our whitepaper details a much larger ecosystem where ASK is the currency of Permission.
The problem we are solving is not just making you money, but changing the way advertisers think of their customers and they way you think about your personal data.
Your data, your shopping habits, are extremely valuable. Watching video ads is just the first way to show you and advertisers.
Stay tuned and thank you for sticking with Permission! Our blockchain just went live next month… there plenty more to come soon!


(Our blockchain just went live next month) you mean’s ask listing on exchange?

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No. I meant what i meant. Clearly enough

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